30×30 Challenge: Get Out!

The first hour of every morning is always spent lying in bed with the baby while he’s smiling, romping, kissing, laughing, rolling, prodding, standing, and cooing. His happy mood in the morning starts my day off on the right foot. Yesterday morning was no different, and while lying there playing with the baby, there was an interview on CBC radio with David Suzuki about his 30×30 Challenge.

Essentially, the challenge is to get outside for 30 minutes for 30 days.

Now, I have been making it a point to get outside with the baby about every other day, but I keep feeling guilty that it should be every day. So I decided to sign up for the challenge as a kick-start to getting me moving again. Note that I have just gotten over a really bad cold, which means I spent almost no time outside other than for getting to my car to run an errand or two. This tidbit was made very clear when answering questions in the survey when signing up for the challenge: “How many hours have you spent in the last week outdoors in nature?” Zero. Ziltch. None. (Picking up dog poop in the backyard does not count in my books!) It would have been nice for the survey to ask what a typical week looked like or to have a comment box. At least I could explain and not look so damned lazy. Regardless, those were the facts for last week.

A little addendum to this challenge is that I have to bring the baby out with me. So if I decide to go for a jog alone – I started getting back into it a couple days before my cold hit and had to stop – it doesn’t count for the challenge. Because this is about getting the baby outdoors every day. It’s about making it a habit with him. It’s about him, really.

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  1. Nita said,

    May 6, 2013 at 11:15 am

    I didn’t actually sign up for the challenge, but I’ve been keeping it in the back of my mind. I’m 5 for 5 so far, out with Kelly and the dog. Trying to walk 5 km each day. Since I haven’t been teaching dance, I’m getting out of shape! Good job on getting the baby out everyday! It’s getting easier these last few days (except for the wind).

  2. Carole said,

    May 6, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    Wow! That’s wonderful Nita! Great way to stay in shape.

  3. If By Yes said,

    May 10, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    PH and I have become aware that our little Owl is getting much less nature in his childhood than we have. I grew up walking distance from a large marsh/national park, and he grew up in the sticks of Nova Scotia. Vancouver has some beautiful trails and we need to take Owl out on them more often.

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